Oslo D/E


A last minute decision brought my friends and I to Oslo where we spent exactly 24 hours. A friend found, through the Ryanair Fare Finder, a return ticket to the Norwegian capital for 20 pounds and after a short deliberation, we ended up snatching four tickets.

We walked all day long and ended up in a British pub. Oslo turned out to be quite laid back and chill – a bit like Amsterdam in that sense – but without the buzz of the Dutch capital. Another thing I was surprised by is the fact that for a capital Oslo is quite small. The good news – we could walk everywhere and not spend money on public transportation.

The tourist attraction we visited, which are worth mentioning for one reason or another, include: The Nobel Peace Centre (Nobels Fredssenter), The Oslo Opera House (Den Norske Opera), Akershus Fortress (Akershus Festning), the Royal Palace (Slottet or Det Kongelige Slott) and Vigeland Park (Vigelandsparken). Walk around the coast near the Nobel Peace Centre, eat some ice cream, enjoy the breeze.The one thing we didn’t get to do was get on a boat and see the Oslo Fjords (Oslofjorden). I would have loved to do it but unfortunately time was not on our side and we decided to stay on the mainland. The pictures below were taken from the Akershus Fortress (1) and Radhusbrygge (near the Nobel Peace Centre).


My favourite place in Oslo, though, is the Oslo Opera House. It is futuristic and cool. The coolest thing about it that the glass building is surrounded by slightly tilted “walk-walls”. I call them walk-walls because they are built so that a person can climb to the top of the Opera House and get a fantastic view of the surrounding area. It’s white and beautiful and we watched the sunset from the rooftop. The featured image shows that particular view. I even called my grandma whom I had forgotten to tell I was going to travel, and just casually mentioned “Oh, by the way, I am at the rooftop of the Oslo Opera House. In Oslo. Watching the sunset.”


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