Covent Garden South Hall


Covent Garden during The London Design Festival looks magical. As usual, the walls are echoing with the sound of classical pieces performed by a young group of musicians in the South Hall. The place is buzzing with life and the big centre piece in the same South Hall (yes, the balloons in the photograph) is creating a brilliant atmosphere for you to stop and take a dream rest. I strongly suggest that you visit if only to enjoy the music and the mood.

This year, you can find the official Rugby Cup store, a big Burberry piece at the front of the site as well as a number of street performers which can put you in a better mood just by their cheesy jokes. Covent Garden is also the place to find the Apple market where, ironically, there is not a single apple. There are hand-made goods, and a lot of shops, which I wouldn’t normally buy anything from due to the simple reason that as a person living in London, I spend most of my money on rent. And travel. Anyway, Covent Garden is lively, charming and fun. And even if you are a local and the tourists are unnerving you, just remind yourself “Today, I too am a tourist.”


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