Manchester Urban Jungle


I went to Manchester for my birthday. Technically, I went to Manchester with my friend and my birthday just happened to be on the Sunday before the trip. It was raining the whole time, the wind was insufferable, and yet Manchester turned out to be quite the cool place.

I might have a UK-is-better-than-any-other-place syndrom, but from the places I’ve been to, I have enjoyed the British ones the most. That’s not to say the other places weren’t amazing and beautiful and worth visiting and that I didn’t have a great time. But the UK has its own magic that, once you’re exposed to it, beckons you to itself.

With all its gloominess, Manchester was amazing – it’s bold in form, curious in nature, a little uncaring and very busy. They call it London of the North. And like London, it is growing, like London it has famous stadiums, fantastic museums and people who hardly ever smile. It’s like comfort food for the city child.

The photograph itself has been ever so slightly edited to correct the brightness and the colours, but nothing much has been altered.


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