Vibrant: London Eye


For this week’s photo challenge set out by the wordpress team, I picked this photo of the London Eye after dark. It is not just the red colour that adds vibrancy to this photo – even though it is the most obvious thing. The vibrancy comes from the place this structure holds – that of a human magnet. People line underneath to be able to take a look over the English capital, to tick off of their bucket list this activity, to post their selfies, to cross off one more thing famous for appearing on “100 places to visit in your lifetime” type of polls that somehow always end up in my newsfeed on Facebook. (Technically, I know they are courtesy of the inedible, digital cookies, because one click is enough to make you a target of all kinds of offers and suggestions. Not cool, cookie monsters.)

Aa a side point, if you ever get some free time, head down to Southbank (you’ll find it to the left of this photo next to the Eye). It’s a place with prodigious energy – street performers, second-hand books sellers, people, venues, beautiful sights. Here is a quick sample of the performances you might witness if you’re lucky. Susana Sliva is a Portuguese artists with a tremendous talent. She is a singer-songwriter with a powerful voice and has recently released her own songs.



You can find her at and if you’re more inclined towards social media, her twitter username is @SusanaSMusic. In the meantime, if you’re unsure about whether to take my word for it or not, go by the river and hear for yourself.


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