Rabat, Morocco


Day 1 of my  12 day Morocco trip.

A high point view of Rabat (or quite possibly Sale, which was a separate town until the two merged). I was astounded by how vibrant and lively Morocco is. The sky is bluer, the sea is greener, the sand is oranger than I would have imagined even with all of the photographs I saw prior to my arrival. I remember every day as if it happened just yesterday. Come to think of all the things I could talk about – food, people, markets, attire, customs, roads, monarchy, ocean, camels, religion, families and children, riads, football, poverty, innocence… tea. I drank more mint tea during this trip, than I have drunk for the past year. It’s truly a treat. It tastes nothing like what we drink here. It is made with fresh leaves and lots of sugar. It is poured in small thick-walled glasses and it tastes divine. I recommend it.

I took this picture some time in the early afternoon and no part of it has been edited.


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