Weekend in Bath


About six years ago, I visited the city of Bath on the way back from Stonehenge. It was dark and gloomy (it was November after all) and even though I had a good time, I always regretted seeing so little.

At the end of May this year, I travelled there with some friends and it paid off. It was sunny and surprisingly so, because, hey, it’s England and clouds happen. A lot. The surprise sun brought about the need to buy sunglasses – the cool, but cheap, kind.

We arrived on Saturday, early afternoon, and after leaving our things at the hostel, we went out for a bit of sightseeing. After crossing the covered bridge (Pulteney Bridge) and following a brief deliberation process, we hopped on a boat that took us down the river to Bathampton and back. I would recommend it to those looking for a bit of fun and relaxation. Not so much to adveturers and thrill-seekers.


In the evening we walked up to Alexandra Park which has great views to the city. We walked back down, sat down to have dinner and went to the hostel to spend the night.

After a somewhat disturbed night (a big fan in the room making noise and making us cold) I woke up rather early to take a shower. Oh, what a mistake. I showered for over an hour because of the most temperamental shower I have ever encountered. It refused to mix hot with cold water and was either spraying one or the other. After fiddling with it for about 10 minutes, I figured out that there is a time frame of about 10-15 seconds when the water is just right if you turn it all the way on one side and then turn it abruptly the other. So I did that for an hour or so.

Waking up extra early turned out to be a good idea. I made it just in time for breakfast. After breaking my fast with orange juice, cereal and toast with butter and jam, my friends and I left the hostel to do a free walking tour, which I highly recommend. The tour lasts about 2 hours and if the weather is good, is perfect to get you to enjoy the city and get to know your way around.


After the walking tour, we sat down to have some lunch, in a place that had a pretty good food which we enjoyed under the Spring sun- Vino Vino.

Last on our list of things to do was visiting the Roman Baths. We paid £15 each and spent about 2 more hours inside. The best part for me was learning about the chemical processes behind the water. At the end of the trip we drank a cup of the stinkiest, and apparently healthiest, water in the UK that contains 43 minerals!


A nice dinner, followed by a night walk and a stop at a club, finished off the night. The next day we had breakfast, took our picture in front of the Bath Abbey and off I went back to London.

The coach was, naturally, late.


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