Beach DE


I love it when I am able to get a good landscape shot. Living in a big city certainly doesn’t help me capture my affinity towards nature. Seas, mountains, rivers, rocky coastal views are my favourite subjects.

Insert a human and, voila, a scene becomes dynamic.

At the beach in spring time – the UK’s East Anglia coast is windy, stoney and vast. The air is salty and somehow it always throws sand in my hair. The theme in this photo is quite simple and a bit overused – the lonely figure on an empty beach. The colours are cold, the space – deserted. Yet the fact that it’s a beach with barely a soul in sight, makes me identify with the figure in view and romaticize over a life that would allow me to become that person.

The photograph pictured above also reminds me that no matter where you are emotionally, some scenes bring tranquillity to a restless heart.

I have edited using PhotoScape – adjusted the colours and added a light filter.


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