Dean Village DE


Dean Village in Edinburgh. A sunny day. Peace and quiet. Perfection. It’s a place where people walk their dogs and the few tourists you meet stop by to take pictures.

I went looking for it and almost went in the wrong direction. From Elm Row onto Queen Street, past Ainslie Place and Randolph Circle. All seemed well. I was on my way. It was the right way. And then I landed on Lynedoch Place. Suddenly it was a choice between a bright bridge leading towards a park (maybe a forest) and a suspiciously deserted path leading downwards. Towards the dark. Into the unknown.

Off I went onto the bridge… only to return to Bells Brae and head forward, this time in the right direction.

Dean Village is beautiful and it’s worth a visit. I would suggest to spare at least a few hours as there are parks and trails in the area.

The photo was edited to adjust colours and light filter was applied.


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