Fall 2016 is here. In the politics category, we have the US elections, the Premier League and other sports tournaments are in full swing, and Netflix is acquiring more and more rights to films as well as producing its own series.It might be time to switch gears. Put on the thick socks, take out the hats and gloves from their hiding place in the bottom of a drawer or in the back of the wardrobe and grab your favourite blanket. It’s the season of cosy. The time to plan with optimism. The months to become more educated and to further ourselves.

Take a quick trip to the local park. I know it’s cold, but it would be worth it. Even if it were just so that you can marvel the way your breath comes out as a tiny fog.

The image above hasn’t been altered after it had been taken. It aims to show the beauty found of a mundane autumn afternoon.


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