Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbols at sunset


To start off the new year, I decided to post something that inspires me to dream because dreams can come true. It’s not Thursday, but this image is a throwback to January 2016. A year ago I was a London newbie finding joy in every moment of being there. That was before I discovered how annoying it can be and how much it can, at times, suck the life out of you.

Despite the problems it can create for an individul with no roots in the city, it is nonetheless a wonderful place. (I was going to say ‘magical’, but then I realised it sounds too good.) It has ideas, innovation, and multiculturalism. It makes you grow and become a problem-solver. It has it’s own private jokes. It moves so fast, I’ve stopped trying to resist the changes it imposes upon me and just run to catch up. For example, I am astounded when I realise there are still places where not everyone has gone contactless or where you have to only rely on local buses, because, on, surprise!, there is no tube. (Shocking, I know!)

The image above shows a moment at sunset and two of the most well-known London symbols – Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower) and the London Eye. To me it captures two things – big dreams and their resilience. It hasn’t been edited, but I believe I shot it through the lens of a pair of sunglasses I owned. It’s a cheap alternative of filters.


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