Weekend exploration

Great company on a Friday night out. Visiting favourite places with friends from out of town. Walking in the wilderness provided by a big beautiful park. All of these happened last weekend.

It started out as a typical London Friday night out – with alcohol and in the company of colleagues. It ended seven hours later following a respectable amount of wine, beer and shots of different varieties. As fun as that was, the best part was yet to come.

Saturday brought me two friends with whom I had lunch and walked around the city. Saving the best for last, we ended our impromptu tour at Covent Garden where we enjoyed coffee (decaf for me) and took some lovely shots of the sun setting over the busy street.

Finally, come Sunday, Richmond Park became the destination. I cannot believe I have never been to Richmond Park before! It was cold and dark, but that only made the walk so much better. I would highly recommend it, but to all people who feel inspired to visit, here are a few words of caution. Carry a map or a GPS device of some sort if this is your first visit. Wear a scarf. Wear a scarf. Wear walking shoes (no whites!). Carry a botle of water. Carry tissues. Bring a snack. Respect nature – be aware that there are deer in the park. You are supposed to follow guidelines and stay away from them, not feed them approach them or intiate contact in any way. Do the aforementioned, and you’ll be fine.

After walking for about three hours, a warm meal was in order. That also happened to be a Sunday roast at a local pub called the Old Ship, which I highly recommend. To finish off, I had a brandy to warm up and digest.

The photos displayed here have not been alternated or edited in any way in post-production.

























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